Cash flow planning made simple

The easiest way to predict your account balance and plan for any “what if” scenarios. Built for professional services firms, but useful for many others as well!

Why Tailwind?

Save time and be in control

The simplest way to visualize your cash flows and be in control. In sync with your bank accounts. Full auto-update mode, automatic forecasting of tax payments, simplified data entry and modelling to allow you to focus on what matters most.

Model what-if scenarios

Easy “drag and drop” adjustments, ideal for “what-if” modelling. Forecast transactions based on recurring patterns and detect potential problems while there is still time to prevent them. Built with the cash flow patterns of service companies in mind.

Your data is safe

We use SMART ID to protect your forecasts from unauthorized access. We will add additional authentication options for other countries soon.

Who will benefit the most?

We focused on cash flow patterns of firms providing services such as information technology, finance, marketing, training, consulting, finance and legal advice.

How is Tailwind different?

Tailwind visualizes your cash flow, works in sync with your bank account and makes it easy to plan for any “what if” scenarios. This will save your time and help you be in control!

Why did we build it?

Tailwind was built by a team led by Kārlis Mikoss and Lars-Erik Hion, who have been running services businesses for years and got frustrated by a lack of simple and easy way to plan cash flows. Neither spending long hours in Excel nor “flying blind” seemed right, so we built Tailwind!

Kārlis Mikoss
25+ years in banking, product management, startups, ERP & consulting
Lars-Erik Hion
20+ years in banking, service design, software & startups

Your feedback is welcome

If you have tried Tailwind and have feedback to share, we would love to hear from you!

Please reach out to Kārlis Mikoss at karlis@tailwind.lv

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